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L-Soft's Opt-In Email Lists

On this page, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to L-Soft's public email lists. By joining the lists below, you can stay informed about L-Soft company news, product updates, press releases as well as industry news and insights.

Discussion Forums


EmailRules (Browse Archives)

EmailRules is a discussion community that brings together email marketers and email communicators. EmailRules welcomes anyone who has questions, answers, best practices and advice to share about navigating the changing landscape of opt-in email marketing and email list communication.

Newsletters and Announcement Lists

"L-Soft Product Updates"



Receive announcements about new versions, level sets, patches and updates by email. Being subscribed to the alerts guarantees that you will receive all important product news. Please select the products in which you are interested.

Published infrequently

"LISTSERV at Work"

American Edition (Read)

European Edition (Read)

Stay informed about the latest L-Soft and industry news with the "LISTSERV at Work" newsletter. Each issue contains news, opinions, guidelines and tech tips.

The newsletter is published on a quarterly basis

"L-Soft Announcement List"



Receive the latest L-Soft press releases, announcements and news by email.

Published infrequently

"L-Soft Press List"

United States


Sweden (In Swedish)

Receive the latest L-Soft press releases and media announcements by email. These lists are geared toward members of the press.

Published infrequently

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