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Jobs at L-Soft
(Stockholm, Sweden)


Because more than 10 languages are spoken at L-Soft, all employees must be able to communicate fluently in English. It is the company's policy to publish detailed job descriptions in English, even when the position is advertised in the local language. For positions that require everyday interaction with English-speaking staff, at least half of the interview is carried out in English. In Sweden, most applicants speak English well enough, although many feel uncomfortable about their English skills and may even decide not to apply. You should only refrain from applying if you are unable to understand the job description without using your dictionary all the time.

The following positions are currently available at L-Soft Sweden AB. Positions are removed from the list when they are filled.

Our office is located on Södermalm (Stockholm).

Important Information for Applicants

To Apply

Please email a copy of your CV and an application letter to jobb@lsoft.se. It is not necessary to translate your CV to English, but the application letter should be in English. If you prefer, you can also apply by regular mail:

L-Soft Sweden AB
Rosenlundsgatan 52, 2tr
118 63 Stockholm

If you want, you can call us at 08-50709900 to confirm the receipt of your application.

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