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L-Soft's solutions are being used by companies and organizations in virtually every industry. The following case studies demonstrate how customers are using L-Soft's solutions to reduce international communication expenses, improve customer service and satisfaction, create interactive virtual communities, and decrease the delivery time of large volumes of email.

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Association of Cancer Online Resources

The Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR), a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1996, is an umbrella organization created and run by volunteers. Started with the goal to foster free, timely and accurate information to cancer patients using the power of the Internet, ACOR is providing hosting services to a growing number of specialized Websites created by professional organizations and patients alike. ACOR operates the largest collection of cancer-related mailing lists on the Internet.
L-Soft customer since 1998

ACOR needed a timely and dependable method of connecting cancer patients, family members and the medical community through the association's online presence.

ListPlex® email list hosting service.

ACOR has successfully launched 135 mailing lists that deliver more than 1.5 million messages weekly to more than 50,000 subscribers across the globe. LISTSERV® has enabled ACOR to offer free, timely and accurate information to cancer patients and build a bridge between the informed patient community and healthcare professionals.

"It is well known that electronic mailing lists are the most economical and effective means of global communication and information exchange between large numbers of people. Many people are benefiting from these lists, especially subscribers with a focus on rare forms of cancer, as well as those living in communities where resources are scarce."

Gilles Frydman


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