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Below you will find a collection of customer quotes about L-Soft's products and services. The testimonials are divided by product.

ListPlex Maestro Testimonials

"After using the LISTSERV product for one year, I found that I needed a more 'marketing oriented' solution – one that would allow us to send test messages, track clicked links, provide sophisticated reporting, with some degree of flexibility. LISTSERV Maestro was the best solution because we were still able to maintain my 'do-it-yourself' approach and gain the necessary functionality. Best of all, we didn't have to buy expensive equipment/software to house our data. Our data is hosted on L-Soft servers and protected from the many viruses that become problematic when dealing with email."

Emily Fair
Assistant Manager, Marketing
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

"Since 2001, L-Soft's LISTSERV technology has given us a tool to transform families from passive bystanders into informed advocates. Today, the Barth Syndrome Foundation and our Barth syndrome charitable partners in Canada, South Africa and Europe represent fewer than 200 males with the disease. My son, who at age 10 was facing the same life-threatening diagnosis to which his brother succumbed at age 4, is now 21 years of age and there are others in our group who are in their fourth decade of life. We are a community that lives online to save lives that are on the line."

Shelley Bowen
Barth Syndrome Foundation

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