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2011's 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries
Network World, Buzzblog January 12, 2011
Paul McNamara


The Joy of Listservs: One of the Internet's earliest innovations is still one of its best
Slate August 5, 2010
Farhad Manjoo

Getting Started with LISTSERV 16.0
ServerWatch.com March 2, 2010
Joseph Moran

Group Therapy
Time February 8, 2010
Holly Lindem


LISTSERV update adds newsletter gallery system
Macsimum News December 12, 2009
Dennis Sellers

LISTSERV Maestro updated to version 4.0
Macsimum News February 26, 2009
Dennis Sellers


Can You Do a Split?
MarketingProfs September 2008

County police receive technology award
South Bend Tribune June 28, 2008
Erin Blasko


LISTSERV update can connect to LDAP servers
Macsimum News November 27, 2007
Dennis Sellers

Getting to "Yes! Yes!": Double opt-in as a power practice
DMNews November 21, 2007
Outi Tuomaala

There's No Place Like the Social Web
WorldWIT, Thinking Aloud January 29, 2007
Outi Tuomaala


L-Soft Unveils LISTSERV 15.0
DIRECT Magazine November 21, 2006
Ken Magill

LISTSERV 15.0 Email List Manager Ships
MacNN November 21, 2006

Women, the Internet, and Email Lists
WorldWIT, Thinking Aloud June 12, 2006
Outi Tuomaala

L-Soft Adds E-Mail Deliverability Features
DMNews.com March 6, 2006

LISTSERV 14.5 Improves Deliverability
MacNN March 2, 2006

Dealing With Spam Is Just One of Many Costs of Doing Business
DMNews.com February 21, 2006
Eric Thomas


L-Soft offers LISTSERV Maestro for Mac OS X
Mac News Network September 8, 2005

LISTSERV For Mac OS X Released Today
Creative Mac August 3, 2005

New Email Marketing Rules in the European Union: One Year Later
MarketingProfs.com June 28, 2005
Mattias Durnik


When Politics and Spam Intersect
OPB News March 23, 2004
Rob Manning


Anti-Spam Program Raises Backfire Fears
InformationWeek June 5, 2003
Anick Jesdanun

Industry Report – What Works: Best Practices in Marketing Technology
Aberdeen Group February 21, 2003
Kent Allen, Karen Smith, Harry Watkins


eServer Magazine September 2002

Internet Product Watch May 24, 2002

LISTSERV returns to IBM mainframes
CNET News.com March 5, 2002
Stephen Shankland

Choosing a Licensed Software Solution
Netpreneur February 20, 2002
Gabriela Linares

Internet Product Watch January 25, 2002


Internet Offers Alternative To Direct-Mail Marketing
Informationweek.com November 5, 2001
Eileen Colkin and Christopher T. Heun

E-mail lists get virus protection
CNN.com October 30, 2001
Sam Costello

Stalled Before the Storm: L-Soft's IPO Bid Was Ill-Timed – And Luckily So
Washington Post August 1, 2001
Sara Kehaulani Goo

L-Soft Acquires E-Mail Tracking Technology
internet.com July 12, 2001
Roy Mark


Electronic newsletter connects SSA with public
Government Computer News December 11, 2000
Patricia Daukantas

E-Mail Lists Taking Off in Washington
Federal Computer Week August 30, 2000
Eric Kulisch

E-mail Goes Proactive
Compaq Brochure Summer 2000

The Right Way to Ask Permission
iMarketing News May 22, 2000
Seth Godin

A Social History of Bitnet and LISTSERV, 1985-1991
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing April-June 2000
David Alan Grier and Mary Campbell

Customize to Avoid E-Mail Clutter
iMarketing News April 10, 2000
Gabriela Linares

State Finds that E-Mail Lists Can Advance the Cause of Diplomacy
Government Computer News April 3, 2000
Pamela Houghtaling

E-Mail Marketing
Catalog Success April 2000
Scott Shrake

PC Magazine February 8, 2000
Brett Glass


E-mail Marketing Outfit Readies for 2000 Takeoff
Washington Business Journal November 8, 1999
Matthew Sweibel

So Long, Snail Mail
E-mail marketing hits the fast lane
Incentive magazine September, 1999
Kenneth Hein

E-mail Marketing goes Mainstream
– Expected to be $1B business in 2002

Computerworld February 8, 1999
Roberta Fusaro

Mailing Lists – Find The Answers You Need From Peers Online
Smart Computing March 1999
Heidi V. Anderson

L-Soft Updates LISTSERV
Internetnews.com March 1, 1999
Brian McWilliams


Mailing Lists, Community and the Web
Boardwatch internet.com (Mecklermedia) December, 1998
Michael Dillon

Managing Your Mailing Lists
Web Review August 7, 1998
Peter Bostrom and Dirk Reinshagen

Services vie to handle direct e-mail pitches
Advertising Age June 29, 1998
Noah Shachtman

E-Mail Newsletters: A Push Technology That's Taking Off
Internet World (Mecklermedia) June 1, 1998
Andrew Marlett

Mailing Lists Made Simple
Smart Reseller (ZDNET) April 15, 1998
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

What's in a name?
ZDNet February 2, 1998
Leander Kahney

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