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Why Discussion Lists?

Discussion lists are ideal for promoting interaction, exchanging expertise, obtaining feedback and fostering collaboration among geographically dispersed work team members.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Discussion Lists

1. Discussion Lists Facilitate Information and Expertise Sharing

From experts to everyday people, members of a discussion group can easily come together to discuss a topic of shared interest, exchanging information and expertise.

2. Discussion Lists Build Communities

A sense of community is developed when people discuss topics of shared importance. Online communities provide a vital link to many people who may lack in-person support and understanding regarding a specific issue or challenge.

3. Discussion Lists Help Manage Information Flow

Organizations can use discussion lists to quickly distribute and discuss announcements across various departments for day-to-day or crisis communication.

4. Discussion Lists Create Business Support Forums

Companies can create moderated or non-moderated discussion forums about their products and services, serving as a cost-effective means to provide customer support and to enhance customer relationships.

5. Discussion Lists Form Collaborative Work Groups

Discussion lists allow employees to collaborate on special projects, committees and task forces, making them more active participants. Discussion lists also allow telecommuters and other geographically dispersed colleagues to easily work together, creating virtual teams.

About Discussion Lists

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