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Why Licensing?

Licensing and installing the software on your in-house computers is usually the most cost-effective option, provided that you have the hardware and personnel required. After having purchased the license, you will never have to pay any delivery charges, and you will have complete control over your email operations. You can create as many email lists and send as many email messages as your license type allows. It is also easier to integrate your email lists with a customer or member database since all components will be on your premises. Since no third parties are involved and since you won't have to migrate your existing data into a new database, it is easier to keep your database secure.

Advantages of Licensing

  • Most cost-effective in the long run
  • No per-delivery costs
  • Complete control over your operations
  • Ability to integrate email lists with customer database

  • Why Outsourcing?

    Licensing vs Outsourcing | Why Licensing? | Why Outsourcing?

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    Licensing vs Outsourcing
    Why Licensing?
    Why Outsourcing?

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