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Why Announcement Lists?

Announcement lists provide a valuable and cost-effective solution for distributing newsletters, product announcements, news alerts, press releases and promotional offers to a large number of recipients.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Announcement Lists

1. Announcement Lists Build Loyalty, Recognition and Trust

A professional electronic newsletter is one of the strongest ways for companies and organizations to build customer loyalty, boost brand recognition and keep customers and stakeholders engaged. By providing quality content and a consistent graphic profile in a regularly distributed newsletter, an organization can greatly enhance its image among subscribers, which, in turn, can contribute to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

2. Announcement Lists Are Easy to Use

Recipients can subscribe or unsubscribe quickly and easily to opt-in announcement lists. Email list management software automates most administrative tasks, such as subscriptions, sign-offs and bounce handling, making mass email communication easy and cost-effective.

3. Announcement Lists Allow for Customization

Email newsletters and other types of announcements can be easily customized according to each recipient's individual preferences, drawing on information from an organization's customer or member database.

4. Announcement List Activity Can Be Measured

Responses to newsletters and announcements can be measured through open-up and click-through tracking to determine the most compelling content. These analytics can be expanded to measure resulting sales or membership conversions. Based on real data, future announcements can be modified to more closely match the needs and preferences of individual subscribers.

5. Announcement Lists Foster Interactivity

Although announcement lists primarily involve one-way communication, interactive polls and surveys can be easily added to email newsletters and announcements, leading to valuable feedback, which can help build a two-way relationship between senders and subscribers.

About Announcement Lists

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