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Tracking Definition


Delivery Settings


Tracking Reports

Ease of use was one of the main design goals behind LISTSERV Maestro, which is the software that runs the EASE Maestro service. The Web interface and its job management features are intended to guide you through the entire campaign development process, from message creation to response evaluation and analysis.

1. Campaign Management Dashboard

Jobs can be organized into categories and assigned approval or due dates. The campaign management dashboard lists the jobs that are due next, making it easy to set priorities and locate jobs that require attention.

EASE Maestro Campaign Management Dashboard

2. Job Workflow

The workflow page serves as a visual representation of the job development process. You can view the status of the steps involved in the process and the sequence in which they must be completed.

EASE Maestro Workflow

3. Team Collaboration

To facilitate the development of efficient opt-in email campaigns, LISTSERV Maestro includes a team collaboration feature. You can formally delegate operational tasks among team members, assigning each person the rights to perform certain functions. Team members can also share responsibilities for the same function.

EASE Maestro Team Collaboration

4. Recipient Definition

LISTSERV Maestro comes with an integrated MySQL database, which allows you to easily create and start building your recipient warehouse without the need for expensive external database systems. The recipient warehouse allows you to manage and select recipients and create database-driven target groups directly in LISTSERV Maestro without specialized database administration knowledge or SQL coding.

EASE Maestro Recipient Warehouse

LISTSERV Maestro can automatically generate Web pages where subscribers can enter their own data and manage their subscriptions. No HTML coding or CGI scripting is required. These subscriber pages can be completely customized to match an existing Website or company look.

EASE Maestro Customization

A target group wizard makes it easy to create targeted groups of recipients without SQL knowledge. The wizard guides you through defining the conditions under which recipients will be selected.

EASE Maestro Target Groups

5. Content Development

Messages can be created in plain text, HTML and multi-part format, which includes both plain text and HTML. Any type of attachment can also be included.

The ready-to-use message templates allow you to create professional- looking HTML newsletters without HTML coding. Just click on the placeholders to fill the predefined areas with your own text and images or create your own message templates from scratch.

EASE Maestro Content Templates

LISTSERV Maestro supports conditional logic, enabling easy creation of custom content blocks. This allows you to create totally customized messages based on each recipient's preferences. Mail content can also be inserted at the time of delivery, which is useful for content that changes continuously and needs to be up-to-date in the mailing.

EASE Maestro Content Definition

6. Tracking Definition

LISTSERV Maestro supports both open-up and click-through tracking. Open-up tracking measures the number of recipients who opened their email messages. Click-through tracking measures the number of recipients who clicked on a link in the message. HTML and text parts can be tracked either together or separately.

EASE Maestro Tracking Definition

You have the option to choose the level of tracking. LISTSERV Maestro supports four levels of tracking: personal, anonymous, unique and blind. Each level retrieves a different degree of personally identifiable data about recipients, thus ensuring different levels of privacy.

EASE Maestro Tracking Definition

A/B-Split Testing allows you to send two or more different versions of a newsletter to random samples of your recipients and compare the results.

EASE Maestro A/B-Split Testing

7. Delivery Settings

You can schedule the delivery of a job immediately upon approval or for any date and time in any time zone without having to be present at the time of delivery. Jobs can also be scheduled to repeat at regular, programmable intervals.

EASE Maestro Delivery Scheduling

8. Tracking Reports

The Web interface enables you to select a variety of reports to view your campaign results. The charts can show membership and subscription statistics over time or tracking data from jobs, including open-up and click-through events over time, bounce statistics and details of recipients who triggered the events. Tracking data can also be imported into third-party spreadsheet or statistical software packages for further analysis. Most tracking reports can be downloaded as PDF documents as well.

EASE Maestro Tracking Data

EASE Maestro Click-Rate Visualization

EASE Maestro Bounce Data

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