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Email List Hosting

Solutions: ListPlex - ListPlex Maestro - EASE - EASE Maestro

A hosted email list service is the easiest and fastest way to get your email newsletters, discussion groups and email marketing campaigns running, particularly if your organization lacks the hardware and personnel resources required to handle the email list administration and email delivery in-house. A hosted service is quick to set up, and the up-front costs are low. Your email lists are hosted and your email is delivered from dedicated, high-performance servers that are built for this purpose. The hosting service can be administered and controlled from anywhere on the Internet using a Web browser.

LISTSERV List Management Dashboard

Advantages of L-Soft's Email List Hosting:

  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Low up-front costs
  • No need for hardware or installation
  • No need for technical personnel to maintain service
  • Dedicated hosting servers offer great reliability and scalability
  • Hosting servers offer authentication and state-of-the-art deliverability features
  • Data hosting eliminates need for expensive recipient databases
  • Only service of its kind with built-in virus protection

Since L-Soft offers both licensed software and hosting services, your email lists can be migrated from our servers and taken in-house with minimal effort and disruption should you choose to go this route later.

Hosting Services



ListPlex is a high-end hosting service that allows you to outsource your email lists under a virtual domain name for seamless integration with the rest of your Internet presence. Our experienced staff will take care of your lists and ensure the delivery of your messages.

ListPlex Maestro is a hosted email marketing service that provides sophisticated campaign management and tracking capabilities. Data hosting is also available.



EASE hosting services offer an alternative to ListPlex for customers who want to outsource their email lists but are comfortable with having them on a shared server with other EASE lists under a common L-Soft domain name.

The EASE Maestro service is for managing and tracking email marketing campaigns. Data hosting is also available.

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