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ListPlex® Maestro
Email Marketing Hosting Service

ListPlex Maestro Email Marketing Hosting Service

ListPlex Maestro is a hosted email marketing service that provides advanced management and tracking capabilities for your opt-in email marketing campaigns. You can use your own virtual domain name and customized tracking URL. Recipients will not be aware that the email marketing campaigns are outsourced.

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ListPlex Maestro Campaign Management Dashboard

This type of technology is invaluable for any organization that relies on email for its marketing and customer relations. By being able to manage professional, targeted email campaigns and to analyze recipient responses, organizations can gain valuable insight into customer interests and the effectiveness of campaigns. These measurable results can be used to better tailor future communication, which will improve customer relations and increase customer acquisition and retention rates.

Why ListPlex Maestro?


ListPlex Maestro can save you money since you do not need any new hardware, software or technical personnel. Instead, our experienced staff will ensure the delivery of your email messages.


The easy-to-use Web interface takes the hassle out of email marketing, guiding you through each step of campaign development – from message creation to response evaluation and analysis.


ListPlex Maestro offers four levels of tracking, ranging from blind to personal. Each level collects a different degree of personally identifiable information about recipients for tracking reports.


The capacity of our servers offers great scalability if your daily traffic were to increase. The ListPlex Maestro service allows for plenty of room for growth.


ListPlex Maestro is the only service of its kind with built-in virus protection. The system is engineered for fast, automatic virus database updates and protects your campaigns from harmful viruses.

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