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ListPlex Maestro
Features & Benefits




Relocation Flexibility

Since L-Soft offers both licensing and hosting, the ListPlex Maestro service can be migrated from our servers and taken in-house with minimal effort and disruption or vice-versa.

Database Connectivity

With the Hybrid system, ListPlex Maestro connects with several databases, including Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL or any ODBC data source.

Virus Protection

ListPlex Maestro is the only service of its kind with built-in virus protection. The system scans all messages for viruses before delivery, keeping your mailings clean and safe.

Automatic Bounce Handling

ListPlex Maestro automatically takes care of virtually all email delivery errors, or bounces. This saves the administrator time, making email marketing campaigns more manageable.

Content Definition




ListPlex Maestro supports personalization by allowing custom information to be inserted into messages. This allows each individual recipient to receive personalized email messages.

Conditional Blocks

ListPlex Maestro supports conditional logic, enabling easy creation of custom content blocks. This allows you to create totally customized messages based on each recipient's preferences.

Drop-in Content

Drop-in content allows you to extract and insert email content at the time of delivery. This is particularly useful for automated jobs or for including time-sensitive information.

Message Format

Messages can be crafted in text, HTML, AOL Rich-Text or multi-part format, which includes both text and HTML. All types of files can also be attached, offering a great deal of flexibility.

Recipient Definition



Target Groups

With the Hybrid system, ListPlex Maestro allows for easy creation of database-driven target groups. This allows you to carefully target your campaigns based on any number of criteria.

Follow-Up Email

ListPlex Maestro allows you to send follow-up messages to recipients who opened up or clicked on a specific link in a previous email message.


The recipient list can be extracted at the time of delivery, ensuring that the most up-to-date recipient list is always used and that any last-minute changes are reflected.

Tracking and Reporting



Tracking Flexibility

ListPlex Maestro supports four levels of open-up, click-through and form-submit tracking, each level collecting a different degree of personally identifiable information about recipients.

Tracking Reports

The Web interface enables you to select a variety of reports to view your campaign results. This allows you to analyze and adjust your campaigns while in progress to achieve better results.

Statistical Software Compatibility

Tracking data can be imported into third-party spreadsheet or statistical software packages for further analysis, extending ListPlex Maestro's reporting and data analysis capabilities.

Web Traffic Software Compatibility

ListPlex Maestro can pass parameters in the tracking URL, allowing Web traffic software to analyze click-stream activities. This allows you to accurately monitor the effects of your campaigns.

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