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New in LISTSERV 16.0

LISTSERV 16.0 What's New Manual

LISTSERV 16.0 Highlights

Newsletter Templates: The newsletter template system allows users to send HTML newsletters without expert-level HTML skills. Newsletters can be created by simply clicking on placeholders and filling in the content. A text alternative part is created automatically, while the draft feature allows senders to work on newsletters over time. The interface also carries an integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor for fine-tuning.

Template Gallery: LISTSERV comes with a gallery of pre-designed and tested HTML newsletter templates that customers can use as-is or modify as needed. Users can also create their own newsletter templates from scratch.

HTML Mail Templates: List owners can choose to have confirmation and informational messages sent out in HTML. A number of pre-designed HTML mail template styles are available. List owners can also easily create their own HTML mail template styles for their lists.

LISTSERV Newsletter Template System LISTSERV Newsletter Profile
LISTSERV Newsletter Content Definition LISTSERV Newsletter Text Alternative

UTF-8 Support: LISTSERV now supports UTF-8 for subscriber names, list titles and list descriptions, facilitating lists and sites that operate in non-English languages and rely on charsets other than ISO-8859-1.

Message Scheduling: The message scheduling option allows senders to schedule the delivery of their newsletters and announcements at a specific time and date, without having to be present at the time of delivery.

Content Analysis: The content analysis feature, available for customers with maintenance, runs email messages through SpamAssassin, highlighting potential problem areas and evaluating the likelihood that the message will be viewed as spam by receiving mail systems.

Newsletter Testing: The newsletter testing feature allows users to send test messages to their own addresses before posting. This is particularly useful for HTML newsletters since HTML standards support can vary widely across different email clients.

Improved Digest: The plain text digest now displays encoded messages (quoted-printable or base64), both in UTF-8 and other character sets.

RSS Previews: The LISTSERV archives now display hovering RSS previews when moving the mouse over the subject line of a message.

Improved Archive Search: The archive search has been improved to use more accurate sorting for search results that span multiple pages.

CSV Reports: List, subscriber and server usage reports can now be downloaded as CSV files and exported to Excel or other external applications.

For more details, see the LISTSERV 16.0 What's New Manual:

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