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LISTSERV Feature Checklist

List Owner Features



Web Interface

Support for All List Types

Flexible List Security Options

Automatic Subscription Handling

Automatic Bounce Handling


Double Opt-In Support

Message Posting Interface

Newsletter Template Gallery

Message Scheduling

Content Analysis

Searchable List Archives

Full RSS Support

List Owner Dashboard

List Administration Wizard

List Reports

Subscriber's Corner

Multiple Subscription Modes

Subscriber Activity Reports

CSV Reports

Customizable Mail Templates


Mail Template Styles

Attachment Filter

Content Filter

Personal Preferences


Moderation Sharing

* Limited in LISTSERV Lite

Site Administration Features



Multiple License Sizes

Technical Support

UTF-8 Support

Customizable Web Interface

Server Administrator Dashboard

Site Configuration Wizard

List Creation Wizard

Server Activity Reports

Deliverability Assessment

DomainKeys Support

Integrated Virus Protection

Built-In Blacklist/Whitelist

Third-Party Spam Filter Compatibility

Spam Feedback Loops

Database Connectivity

Multiple Database Support

LDAP Support

Dynamic Queries

Mail-Merge Support

Access Restriction by IP Address

LISTSERV Backbone Distribution

Peered Lists

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All other trademarks, both marked and not marked, are the property of their respective owners.
See Guidelines for Proper Usage of the LISTSERV Trademark for more details.

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For Existing Customers

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Getting Started

License Sizes & Pricing
Licensing vs Outsourcing
Technical Requirements
Maintenance Options

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