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Email Marketing Software

LISTSERV Maestro Email Marketing Software

LISTSERV Maestro is a complete email marketing software solution, unmatched in its versatility and performance. It allows you to deliver targeted and personalized messages, while tracking all aspects of your opt-in campaigns. The workflow-oriented interface, interactive reporting, and unparalleled job management and tracking features make LISTSERV Maestro a premier solution for the email marketer and any serious email list communicator.

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LISTSERV Maestro Campaign Management Dashboard

LISTSERV Maestro technology is invaluable for any organization that relies on opt-in email as a key communication tool. By analyzing recipient responses to campaigns, organizations can gain critical insight into customer interests and campaign impact. These measurable results can be used to better engage your target audience, improving customer relations and increasing acquisition and retention rates.

Why LISTSERV Maestro?


The Web interface and its job management features take the hassle out of email marketing, guiding you through the entire campaign development process, from message creation to response evaluation.


LISTSERV Maestro works with your infrastructure and connects to most existing database systems. Alternatively, you can use the integrated database system to build your recipient warehouse.


LISTSERV Maestro offers four levels of open-up, click-through and action tracking, ranging from blind to personal, and offers a built-in way to obtain permission for personal tracking from recipients.


Licenses are available in multiple sizes depending on your needs, making LISTSERV Maestro ideal for small and large organizations alike. As your needs grow, upgrading to a larger license is always easy.


LISTSERV Maestro is the only software of its kind with built-in virus protection. The system is engineered for fast, automatic virus database updates and protects your campaigns from harmful viruses.

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