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New in LISTSERV Maestro 4.0

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LISTSERV Maestro 4.0 Highlights

Tracking Permission: LISTSERV Maestro offers a built-in way to obtain permission for personal tracking from recipients. This allows marketers to send a mailing to a mixed group of recipients and gather personal tracking information from those who have given permission and non-identifiable, unique tracking from those who haven't.

LISTSERV Maestro System Metrics

Action Tracking: The action tracking functionality extends the scope of the tracking, allowing marketers to monitor recipients' page visits and viral marketing activities occurring after they have read an email message and clicked on links to the target website.

Target Groups Based on Datasets: It is now possible to send a mailing to an entire recipient dataset, as long as those recipients are subscribed to at least one list, rather than having to send separate mailings to individual lists.

Demographic Reporting: LISTSERV Maestro can create demographic reports about the subscribers in a data warehouse and define jobs and target groups based on these demographic segments.

System Metrics: New system metrics continuously monitor disk usage, delivery statistics, HTTP request counts and response times, keeping administrators up-to-date on the status of the email communication system.

External Triggers: LISTSERV Maestro supports external triggers, which allows external processes to trigger recipient downloads, imports of new recipients or the delivery of jobs.

Single Sign-On: With the new single sign-on feature, administrators can now switch back and forth between the Administration HUB and User Interface with one click and using the same password.

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