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LISTSERV Technical Support

L-Soft provides different levels of support adjusted specifically to your needs. Non-technical customers may demand full technical assistance, while a technical veteran may only require help on occasion. Regardless of the required level of support, L-Soft's technical team has an established reputation for providing competent and timely assistance.

L-Soft Technical Support Addresses

(Only for L-Soft customers with maintenance. Please include Customer ID number in email message. This will help us provide faster service.)

Technical support

Support for EASE lists hosted at L-Soft

Support for lists donated by L-Soft

Open Discussion Forums

EmailRules is a discussion community that brings together email marketers and email communicators. EmailRules welcomes anyone who has questions, answers, best practices and advice to share about navigating the changing landscape of opt-in email marketing and email list communication.

Open Technical Support Forums

Customers can also obtain community or peer support via the numerous public technical support forums. Since the below lists are open to the public, you should not disclose your LAK, passwords or other sensitive information on these lists.

EASE Home Support Forum

EASE Home Support Forum

Search Archives

LISTSERV List Owners Forum

LISTSERV List Owners Forum

Search Archives

LISTSERV Site Administrators Forum

LISTSERV Site Administrators Forum

Search Archives

LISTSERV Lite Support Forum

LISTSERV Lite Support Forum

Search Archives

LISTSERV Evaluation Kit Users Forum

LISTSERV Evaluation Kit Users Forum

Search Archives

LISTSERV Application Developers Forum

LISTSERV Application Developers Forum

Search Archives

NetPals Technical Support Forum

NetPals Technical Support Forum

Search Archives

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